Friday, 15 November 2013

Spectacular Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine !!!

It has been created for use by professional chefs and bartenders in restaurants, bars, hotels, clubs, and resorts. Using a patented process, this newest model creates the finest premium ice cream, gelato, sorbet, frozen yogurt and mixed drinks while delivering a spectacular show for customers.

For those seeking to deliver a unique experience over the summer, look no further! You will be impressed with this hand-crafted Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Machine. This new model is far from the standard, mass produced ice cream machines typically available. It is an ultra lux  high performance liquid nitrogen ice cream machine that will produce in seconds the finest premium frozen dessert products or cocktails in a spectacular cloud of fog.
It is lightweight and portable weighing less than 50 lbs. It can be cleaned in a few seconds and does not require any refrigerants, fluids, compressors or condensers. There’s no need for water hook-ups or drains and there are never any washers or gaskets to replace or throw away.
The machine is available in a standard white finish. Custom airbrush models are also available. A complete package comes with one machine, one vacuum jacketed line, one 35 liter Nitrogen Dewar, extra bowl and blades. Mixed drinks are partially frozen without any ice and extremely smooth, not at all grainy in texture. Chefs can create unlimited flavor combinations of ice cream, gelato, sorbet and frozen yogurt, within 90 seconds which are unparalleled in the quality of their flavor, texture and density.
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  1. Hi there, where can I order one of these machines?

  2. Hi there, where can I order one of these machines?