Friday, 18 October 2013

Tori Tori restaurant !!!

A collaboration between mexico-based firm rojkind arquitectos and design workshop esrawe studio, construction for the tori-tori restaurant in polanco near mexico city is now complete.
Emerging from the ground like climbing ivy, the CNC routed facade appears to waver and curve. subtly different, the two layers of self-supporting steel are precisely
handcrafted and finished to generate a dynamic effect. The outdoor terrace allows guests to eat or drink amongst natural vegetation while the furniture has been specifically developed for a comfortable dining experience. a complete collection of tables and chairs were created to enhance each interior area connecting the atmosphere and function.
The facade’s pattern responds to the inside openings, filtering light, shadows, and views that will constantly invade the interior spaces. An atmosphere enriched by the spectrum of subtle changes. The interior receives and follows the exterior with subtle contrasts. Each room has its own nature and shows a clear relationship with its function.

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