Thursday, 17 October 2013

How does the Restaurant Industry in China compare with the industry in India? !!!

This single piece of data below from YUM Brands (the owners of the brands KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell) will illustrate why China is an Elephant and India is, well, a baby elephant. 
The total for China above is from their Q1 earnings release. When you add the individual numbers, it comes to 4647. The missing 2 are probably Pizza Hut Home Delivery units.

According to YUM Brands, as stated publicly on their website, "We Consider China to be the greatest Restaurant opportunity of the 21st century" -
YUM added 168 new restaurants in China in Q1, 2012. The equivalent number for India is about 25. 
YUM has also created a local Chinese brand - East Dawning (Chinese food QSR). They also acquired a restaurant chain "Little Sheep" in 2011. The 300 Little Sheep restaurants are not included in the numbers above. 
Both China and India are fast growing markets, but it looks like despite the already large size, China is galloping faster than India and is on the way to become a Restaurant Industry Dinosaur. According to YUM's CEO, "We believe our new unit potential in emerging markets is the best in the restaurant industry and we’re still on the ground floor of growth".

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